Growing a large crop yield in a small footprint

The Vertical Farming Conference took place on June 28, 2017, at Villa Flora, in Venlo, The Netherlands.

The conference was part of a two-day agri-food event (June 28-29, 2017) that included 4 dedicated conferences and an exhibition:

SPECIAL: 3D Food Printing Masterclass by Top Chef Jan Smink and byFlow, June 28.

The event brought together over 300 attendees and speakers, who shared their opinions and views on the latest developments in 3D food printing, vertical farming, smart farming and healthy nutrition.

A photo impression of the conferences and the expo can be found here. Find more about the 2017 edition!

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Scope: The continually-growing world populations, the global trend to urbanisation, climate change and pressure on natural resources are key drivers for policies on global food security. Vertical farming is an innovative methodology for vertical cultivation of agricultural products, which can also realize true zero-mile city food supply. Vertical farms can be built in new or existing buildings and provide significant benefits in environmental sustainability and human health, minimizing the need for water and nutrients, and eliminating pesticides and fungicides, which are no longer needed.Vertical farming and urban agriculture, if designed and implemented appropriately, could offer sustainable and innovative solutions for improving food security.

What new business models will be successful, and will new players disrupt the traditional farming landscape? How can we feed more people on limited agricultural land, with limited resources? How can we best use space, light and logistics for an increasingly urban population? What can zero waste and low energy technologies contribute to food production in an urban environment? How to identify and develop innovative methods for sustainable food production? The conference will answer this kind of questions

Focus topics:

  • Available technologies (LED lighting, sensors, tiered growing systems, Big Data, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence, etc)
  • How to deal with change (from traditional farmer to vertical farmer)
  • Cooperation / Sharing Information
  • Recipes
  • Public Skepticism / Consumer Response
  • Architectural challenges
  • Robotics
  • Funding
  • Plant and crop science for improved resource-use efficiency (water, nutrients, waste)
  • Sustainable Buildings (architectural design, green roof, energy, ventilation)
  • Investment in research and development by growers and industry groups
  • Economic, business and social issues
  • Legal and Regulatory issues
  • Cross disciplinary themes (challenges posed by resource limits, climate change and food production)

Who should attend the next edition?

(Vertical) Farmers, Growers | Agricultural industry | Urban planners | Architects | Technology suppliers (corporate, start-up) | System integrators | Governmental bodies (Local, Regional, National) | Project developers | Finance / Consulting | Food Logistics | anyone interested in vertical farming.

Vertical Farming Vertical Farming Vertical Farming Vertical Farming Vertical Farming
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