The sun is for free

Rob Baan

by Rob Baan, Koppert Cress

Microgreen Grower Rob Baan uses the title Metropolitan Farmer. As best Farmer 2020 of the Netherlands he promotes fresh produce as health benefit. From his Sustainable All Electric Greenhouses he supplies 70.000 restaurants in the major European metropole in a circle of 800 km around his farm.

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Plant Nutrients and Food Quality in Vertical Farming

Kristian Holst Laursen

by Kristian Holst Laursen, University of Copenhagen, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences

In vertical farming, plants are often grown hydroponically or aeroponically under rigidly controlled conditions. This allows for complete control of plant nutrient supply and potentially delivers optimal plant growth, harvest yield and food quality. It is, however, vital that fertilization strategies are carefully designed to match plant demands of all 14 essential plant nutrients throughout the whole growth period. This does represent a major challenge when nutrient solutions are recirculated – not least in systems relying on organic fertilizers.

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Light Spectra Opportunities

sebastian olschowski

by Sebastian Olschowski, Fluence Bioengineering “Fluence by OSRAM”

Light Spectra make a difference for plant growing, especially in sole-source applications like vertical farming. Multiple discussions and publications exist how different light spectra influence plant growth of different cultivars. This presentation is guiding through spectral effects to crop performances as well is questioning the relevance of spectral tuning in vertical farms.

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Vertical Farming Conference welcomes GeoConnexion as Media Partner


Vertical Farming Conference welcomes GeoConnexion as Media Partner

About GeoConnexion
GeoConnexion International and GeoConnexion UK bring you the latest news and stories plus reports from geotechnology industries in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia.

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The benefits of flexibility: indoor farming dynamic lighting systems

Stefan van de Voort

by Stefan van de Voort, Signify

HighTech Horticulture can play a role in addressing the global challenges we are facing. The Internet of Things is an integral part of our lives.

Systems and devices are becoming more connected and the role of data is key.

Dynamic Horti LED lighting allows the grower to have maximum flexibility and full control during the growth cycle of his crops, optimizing quality and yield.

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Data-driven controlled environment agriculture: Planning & design

Alberto Lopez

by Alberto Lopez, Agritecture Consulting

Discussion of the main takeaways of the first Global CEA Census Report, the most in-depth global survey of indoor & controlled environment agriculture ever conducted, with 316 total respondents from 54 countries. In the report, Autogrow and Agritecture paint a clearer picture of the global CEA industry by identifying important trends and contextualizing them for a wider audience. Adding to this information, the Agritecture Designer tool will be presented; the first digital platform to accelerate urban farming entrepreneurs around the world. A tool engineered to provide valuable data to assess the feasibility of a future agricultural project specific for your location.

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Vertical Farming Conference welcomes Agritecture Consulting as Media Partner


Agritecture Consulting is Media Partner of Vertical Farming Conference

About Agritecture Consulting

Agritecture Consulting provides a comprehensive approach to urban agriculture project development. In operation since 2014, Agritecture has helped more than 100 organizations determine the feasibility of their ideas, validate their business strategies, recruit talent for their projects, manage operational challenges, and much more. Our consulting services are backed by several years of operations data and a team of experienced growers, agricultural engineers, sustainability managers, and marketing experts.

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The importance of the variety choice for vertical farming

Jasper den Besten

by Jasper den Besten, HAS University of Applied Sciences

Choosing the correct variety is often underexposed in vertical farming. However, the differences between varieties are huge. The differences between varieties can be a factor 2 or more. Results of variety tests are limited accessible. Our basil varieties trial in Brightbox showed the importance of doing variety tests.

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Air the way you want!

Gerjo de Zeeuw

by Gerjo de Zeeuw, CEO, GrowAir. B.V.. Air is invisible, but the effects of air distribution and air handling are visible. How do you create a homogenous and optimal climate?

The people of KE Fibertec – GrowAir are driven to develop, produce and to market homogenous air distribution systems for the horticultural and many other different sectors. To create a good air-distribution system in a greenhouse, vertical farm or indoor facility looks very simple and easy, but it’s very complicated to reach a homogenous climate and maximum growing results.

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