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hexagro Hexagro Urban Farming develops solutions to increase the accessibility of healthy food through a biomimicry inspired mix of high-tech hardware, AI-driven services and blockchain-empowered decentralized communities. Main headquarters in Milan, Italy but operating already in Italy and Switzerland, and having support from international partners such as Singularity University, Biomimicry design Institute and Kickstart Accelerator. Hexagro’s first product is the Living Farming Tree, an automated, modular and intelligent indoor farming system that is currently installed in hotels, offices and restaurants as both a piece of design and a premium-herbs producing machine. The Living Farming Tree uses aeroponics, horticulture LED lights and plug&play sensors to adapt production patterns for each of its farming platforms, hence supporting every crop type independently with specific conditions of growth and adjusting to the environmental conditions of the space where it is installed.
logiqs With more than 40 years of experience and know-how, gained in the field of internal transport and logistics systems for greenhouses, our industry leading solutions help our customers to achieve a higher profitability and a stronger competitive position within the worldwide horticultural marketplace.

We advise, design, produce and install complete logistical systems, manual or completely automated, for growers specialised in: potted plants, cut flowers, tree nurseries, flower bulbs and vegetables.

By working closely together with our customers, we aim to always provide a highly reliable service as well as intelligent solutions for any Logistics automation problems our customers might encounter.

Agritecture Consulting Founded in 2014, Agritecture Consulting (formerly Blue Planet Consulting) provides advisory services in the design, planning, implementation and operation of urban agriculture projects.

We offer our clients the tools, data, ideas, network, and expertise needed to ensure their success. We consult globally and are based in New York City.

Agritecture Consulting’s expertise is in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), a rapidly developing industry that is gaining traction and predicted to be valued at $9 billion by 2020. Our project experience includes hydroponic greenhouses, vertical farms, and sustainability learning labs.

Philips Lighting Philips Horticulture LED Solutions consists of a team rooted in Horticulture and lighting technology that stands for solutions that improve the business of growers.

We combine crop growth knowledge and lighting technology to create customized light recipes for growers and apply lighting technology to crop farming for over 75 years.