Martin Veenstra, Certhon Build, will speak at Vertical Farming Conference 2017

Martin Veenstra

Martin Veenstra, Certhon Build B.V., will speak at Vertical Farming Conference 2017, which takes place on June 28, 2017, at Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands.

About Martin Veenstra
Martin is responsible for the sales engineering of Certhon’s growth chamber projects. With a background in Optical engineering and climate control systems, Martin is specialized in (LED) lighting systems and growth chamber design. Certhon has an extensive experience in turn-key realization of growth chambers for the commercial production of vegetables and flowers as well as specialized chambers for plant research.

About Certhon Build B.V.
Certhon is a Dutch company active as worldwide turn-key developer and installer of technical installations for horticultural solutions for greenhouses, growth chambers and indoor farms. Our innovative focus enables us to fully integrate all systems for year-round, efficient and optimal production of food, flowers and many more, anywhere in the world. This is Certhon 365 PlantyFood.
There is great know-how and expertise available at Certhon. This goes all the way back to 1896, so our family company experienced all developments in international horticulture over more than a century.
In the past years, we developed the technology for year-round indoor growing of leafy greens, plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables under LED lights. 365 PlantyFood is developed for maximal performance combined with optimal efficiency and minimal resources for global food & health security, always and everywhere. Continue reading “Martin Veenstra, Certhon Build, will speak at Vertical Farming Conference 2017”