Vertical home farm innovation from FIBONACCI


Vertical home farm innovation from company Fibonacci

The company FIBONACCI enters the market of home appliances with an innovative offer – urban farms for the house.

Fibonacci is an innovative brand of urban farms that can revolutionize your understanding of healthy nutrition and plant growing. City farms Fibonacci are many years’ experience and the highest quality, reliability and confidence in the future.

As the owner of the farm Fibonacci, you become part of a special world of like-minded people. The world, which is ruled by brilliant engineering and design developments, selfless search and finding of truly environmentally friendly solutions, a choice in favor of healthy eating and thinking, enthusiasm and hard work. Thanks to all this, Fibonacci specialists have created an innovative product, the purpose of which is to provide you and your family with fresh and tasty, juicy and nutritious vegetables, berries and salads throughout the year.

The refined design of Fibonacci gives rise to aesthetic pleasure and affirms the high-tech of domestic farms. The elegance of the form, strict lines, elegant color solutions, variability of the set – all this allows to harmoniously build the Fibonacci technique into a modern interior. Noble materials of external fasing of the body and internal equipment create an atmosphere of well-being and comfort. Continue reading “Vertical home farm innovation from FIBONACCI”