Stiina Kotiranta, Valoya, will speak at Vertical Farming Conference 2017

Stiina Kotiranta

Stiina Kotiranta, Valoya, will speak at Vertical Farming Conference 2017 about “Quality of light matters in vertical farming”. The conference takes place on June 28, 2017, at Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands.

Valoya is a Finnish LED light provider for the horticulture industry. Our core business is providing good quality light solutions for closed environments. When choosing the lighting for a vertical farm, one should optimize the light spectrum, light intensity, and photoperiod. The light spectrum affects plant morphology, metabolism, and therefore crop quality. By adjusting the light intensity to the plants’ developmental stage, one can save in equipment and energy costs. All plants need light, but the optimal photoperiod is dependent on the cultivated crop. When designing a vertical farm, one should consider the different aspects of lighting and specify their growth targets; are you looking for maximum yield, color, or perhaps shelf life?

About Stiina Kotiranta
I have been working at Valoya Plant R&D from 2011. My background is in Horticulture (BSc) and in Plant Production Science (Msc). I have also practical work experience from a large scale hydroponic lettuce greenhouse, thus my passion is in food production and of course vertical farming.

About Valoya
Valoya is a provider of LED light for biotech and horticultural purposes. Valoya LED-lights have been developed using Valoya’s proprietary LED technology and extensive plant photobiological research. The wide, patented light spectra offer quality light for plants in an energy efficient way. Valoya spectra enhance photosynthesis and allow control of plant morphology and metabolites. Continue reading “Stiina Kotiranta, Valoya, will speak at Vertical Farming Conference 2017”